A family representation of the future

While recommended to families, the movie is a realistic representation of what might happen within the next decades.


Different animations

Over 2,300 small animations had to be created for this movie to become reality.


Hours a day

The team processing materials worked on a 24/7 basis in shifts.


Team staff

648 people worked tightly together in the production of this movie.


Full years of work

While the main part took less than six months to complete, the project took three years.


When things go wrong at first

But someone is willing to share small bits of his soul and even perform the ultimate sacrifice to make them right again.

When everything seems lost,
there is always one more chance

What happens when good things are used the wrong way

A scientist creates BRAIN at a dictator's order – an advanced robot using his own intellect. Put a dictator and an advanced robot together and things will go wrong. When used to kill the dictator's enemies, the robot starts programing other war machines to turn against humanity. At some point, an entire army decides to kill everything that lives – from people and animals to plants. The scientist uses his soul to create nine rag dolls and performs the ultimate sacrifice upon the project. Will these dolls be able to confront an entire army of robots?

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