Got questions about 9? Here are the most frequently asked ones

1Was 9 based on an actual book?
No. 9 was not based on a book, but on a small movie with the exact same name. The movie was created by Shane Acker. It was a student project designed for the UCLA Animation Workshop. Shane Acker played an important role in the big movie too as a director.
2Which celebrities lent their voices for 9?
While not obvious in the beginning, the ninth rag doll is the main character in 9 – hence the name. Elijah Wood's voice was used for the doll. Other famous people who lent their voices for 9 include Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, John C. Reilly, Martin Landau and Crispin Glover, among others.
3Where can I see 9?
9 was released theatrically in the fall of 2009. It was widely welcomed all over the world and received good critics. While some cinemas may still play it occasionally, most fans watch it in the comfort of their own homes. It was also released on DVD and Blu-ray just three months later, in December.
4Which are the main characters in 9?
9 might seem a bit confusing with so many characters, but they can all be categorized in three main groups. The main group consists of the stitch punks, a bunch of rag dolls designed to save the world. The other two categories include the humans and the machines trying to take the world over.
5Who are the stitch punks and what is their role?
The stitch punks were created by the same scientist who created the first machine – BRAIN. They were created to save the world from an army of evil robots. The ninth one is the main character though – it is the youngest and it features some of the scientist's most positive characteristics.
6How were the stitch punks created?
Each stitch punk shares some of the scientist's traits. The first one is arrogant, while the second one is creative and the third and fourth ones are twins. The fifth one is caring, the sixth one is artistic, the seventh one is a fighter and the eighth one is a master of weapons. The ninth doll is bighearted.
7What is the role of the machines in 9?
Initially, the scientist created one machine only. It was an advanced robot using his intellect – named BRAIN. However, the dictator who asked for it decided to use it for the wrong cause – to eliminate enemies. At some point, the robot became evil and turned an entire army of machines against the world.
8Who are the humans and what are their roles?
Apart from the world that is about to be destroyed, there are two humans in 9 – the scientist and the dictator. The scientist created the main robot, as well as the nine stitch punks designed to fight it. The dictator is responsible for all the mess, as well as the robot revolt.
9What do critics think about 9?
If you ask children to criticize it, they will give it a maximum rating. As for cinema critics, the general idea is that the movie is full of creativity and imagination, but the storyline lacks a bit of substance. Opinions are shared, but overall, people are positive about 9.
10Are there any other released related to 9?
Apart from the original short movie created as an inspiration for the long movie, SkyZone also got involved and created a video game for those who like 9. It came out before the movie. 9: The Mobile Game is only available on iOS devices though.